If you ever need to refund a payment you received from your clients, you should do so directly through Bonsai's platform.

👉 Note: If you issue a refund directly through Stripe's interface, only the net payment amount will be refunded (ie. the payment amount minus processing fees).

Example: refunding $100 directly through the Stripe interface will lead to only $96.80 being refunded (assuming the fees were $3.20).

It's just a few easy steps that we'll outline below!

  1. Navigate to and open the invoice you'd like to refund.

  2. Click on the 'More Options' in the upper left of the screen.

  3. Choose the Refund Payment option from the dropdown.

  4. Select if you'd like to issue a Full or Partial Refund and enter the refund amount.

👉 Note: If you are issuing a refund for a payment made through PayPal, you must have a sufficient balance in your PayPal account to cover the cost of the refund or the refund will fail.

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