Tracking time with Bonsai

How to ensure you're accurately recording (and billing!) for the time you've worked on a project!

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It's easy to lose track of time when you're working on your passion!

We want to make sure that you never get underpaid for work you're doing, so we've made Time Tracking super simple (and free!).

Here, we'll walk you through the different options for tracking time in Bonsai:

Customizing Email Notifications

You can now customize the email reminder for your time tracker to notify you if the timer appears to be running for too long.

This way, if you typically work for 1 hour at a time and the timer is running for 2 you'll be notified to prevent racking up irrelevant hours you'll have to audit later!

To customize your timer, go to your Account Settings Page and update the box under Company Settings to set your limit.

In-App Time Tracking

This is our most commonly used functionality and allows you to run a timer while logged into your Bonsai Account.

The timer lives in the upper right of your screen and when you click it, you can start a new timer, review any previous entries and even restart an existing entry.

When you start a timer, you will be able to select the Project the entry relates to, assign the entry to an existing Task (or create a new one), specify a Rate to be charged for this entry, adjust the Date if needed and add a little Note with any other relevant details about the work you're doing!

When you're reading to create an Invoice for a Project that you've tracked time on, you'll be automatically prompted to add any time entries to the Invoice!

Manually Entering Tracked Time

To add time entries manually, click the Time Tracking tab along the left side menu then 'Add Hours':

From here, you'll be able to select your Project, set the Rate, add any Notes you need and specify the Time & Date worked:

Tracking On Mobile / With Browser Extension

No special tips or tricks here - The process is exactly the same as the in-app timer - all you need to do is download the tool and sign in!

Any entries created through these alternative options will automatically synch with your regular Bonsai account. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy ๐Ÿ‹

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