🚀 🤖 Our goal is to put your freelancing on auto-pilot and
nothing is more effective than our Automations feature! 🚀 🤖

👉 Note: If you want to read about document-specific automations instead, you can find that article here!

You'll find the Automations page through your Clients Tab along the left side menu:

When you click 'New Automation' you'll be presented with a pop up window. Here, you can select from a list of Triggers and a list of Automatic Actions.

Essentially, a trigger will be the triggering event with the automatic action being the action that is automatically performed once the trigger event happens:

Image of automations pop up creator


  • When a Contract is signed

  • When a Proposal is accepted

  • When a Proposal is accepted or a Contract is signed

  • When the first Invoice of a Project is paid

  • When a Form is filled out

  • When a Project is marked completed

List of Triggers in dropdown menu

Automatic Actions:

  • Send a message (via email)

  • Send a Form

  • Send a Calendly invite

Showing dropdown list of Automation options

❗ One common and super useful workflow we see users automating is onboarding new clients. You can do this by embedding an intake Form to your website (or send the form manually) and have it paired with an automation where submitting a form is the trigger and scheduling a meeting in Calendly is the action!

This workflow allows you to qualify potential clients ahead of time and gather relevant information before getting on a call with them!

If you're not familiar with our Forms Feature, you can learn more about it here!

👉 Note: Automations is a feature available exclusively to our Workflow Plus users. If you need to upgrade, you can upgrade here!

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