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What are the payout schedules for invoice payments?
What are the payout schedules for invoice payments?

How to know when you'll receive your money after a payment with Bonsai Payments.

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These payout schedules only apply to Bonsai Payments. This is not applicable if you are using Stripe or PayPal.

Congratulations, you got paid! πŸ’Έ πŸ’Έ

Now, you're asking yourself 'When will I get my money?!'

The process of actually receiving the payment from your client and into your bank account is called a Payout and the wait time between receiving a Payment and receiving your Payout is called the Payout Schedule.

There are 3 different Payout Schedules for Bonsai Payments, depending on your payment history with Bonsai Payments. Those are: Limited Payouts, Standard Payouts, and Instant Payouts.

If you've received a first payment through Bonsai (regardless of account age), your default payout schedule will be set to 'Limited'.

Limited Payouts

Payments processed on a Limited Payout Schedule will take about 7 Business Days to process and deposit. Limited Payout Schedules are in place to help protect Bonsai and Bonsai's users.

For risk reduction reasons, your early payments will be kept on a Limited Payout schedule. As your processing history expands with Bonsai, your trust level will also increase and you will soon be moved to a Standard Payout Schedule.

Switching from a Limited to Standard Payout Schedule will happen automatically and will not require any intervention on your part.

πŸ‘‰ Note: This payout schedule will be the same for all users, regardless of geographical location.

Standard Payouts

Once you've built trust with Bonsai and have established a good history of payment processing, you will be automatically moved to a Standard Payout Schedule.

For Users in the USA and Australia: Your Standard Payout Schedule is 2 Business Days.

For Users in Canada and UK: Your Standard Payout Schedule is 5 Business Days.

πŸ‘‰ Note: The listed payout schedules are only relevant to payments made by credit card. ACH Payments will always be deposited on a 7-10 Business Day Schedule regardless of which Payout Schedule you're on.

Instant Payouts

Instant Payout is an exciting new feature available to Bonsai Payments users that allows money to arrive in your account within an hour (and often 10 minutes or less) of the client paying at an additional cost of 1.5%! πŸ’Έ

Currently, Instant Payouts are available for users in the US only.

How to Enable Instant Payouts

πŸ‘‰ Note: Instant Payouts are available for users on Bonsai Payments only. If you'd like to be eligible for Instant Payouts, your first step is to enable Bonsai Payments! If that's not already the case, this can be done by clicking on "Edit Payment Methods" in the Invoices page.

If Bonsai Payments is already enabled on your account, Instant Payout schedule will be available for your account as soon as you're on the Standard Payout Schedule (depending on an established good history of payment processing with Bonsai Payments.)

1. Update Your Payout Schedule

Instant Payouts is available to select users who have a history of good payments on Bonsai. To check if you're eligible, go to Balance.

If you are eligible, you will be able to select Instant Payouts as an option:

2. Add a Debit Card

You will also need to add a debit card as your Payout Account since Instant Payouts are not supported by bank accounts.

Note: you will first need to add a bank account as a Payout Account before you are allowed to add a debit card.

That's it! Your next payment will arrive on your debit card in minutes!

πŸ‘‰ Note: Instant Payouts will only work for future payouts. Any payment that is initiated prior to enabling Instant Payouts will be deposited on the Standard Payout Schedule.

You can learn more about our Instant Payouts here.

You can also directly get paid out to Bonsai business banking.

You can choose to activate business banking within Balance. It is an easy-to-use account to help you manage your business funds, spending, and savings goals. Get paid directly to your Balance and spend your funds with your virtual and physical cards!

Which Payout Schedule Am I On?

You can see which Payout Schedule you're on by visiting your Payouts Page within your Invoices Tab. Your current payout schedule is highlighted under the 'Payout Schedule' section:

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