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How to generate a contract URL
How to generate a contract URL

How to generate a unique URL to send contracts to your clients via your preferred communication channels.

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Once you've created and signed a contract, you have the option to select 'Send Contract' in the top right hand corner of that contract:

When you select this, a pop-up with appear with 2 options: a.) either send the contract via email or b.) send the contract via URL.

To send via URL, select "Send contract via URL":

Next you will read a disclaimer on our Terms of Use for sending the contract via URL. If you wish to proceed, select 'I understand'.

If you choose to proceed, you will then generate a unique URL for your contract. Select 'Copy this link' to copy the link and send to your client via your preferred communication channel:

That's it! You've successfully created your own unique contract URL.

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