"Collaborators" is a new feature that allows you to work with other freelancers or businesses on your projects. It will enable collaborators to use tasks, time tracking, and chat with you while hiding all other info like the invoicing, contracts, and proposals from them.

This feature is free for both you and the collaborators you invite to Bonsai. As long as you're on a paid plan, you can invite as many collaborators as you want on any of your projects, and the collaborator will not have to pay anything, and you won't have to pay anything extra.

Another way to think of this feature is that it lets you sit in the middle between clients and collaborators. With clients, you can see and share all financial info about a project, like a proposal, contract, and invoices, while with the collaborators you can share the operational info, like tasks, chat, and time tracking. Clients can't see what collaborators see and vice versa. Only you can see both.

To get started, go to any project and click the "Collaborators" tab, then click the "+" button to add a new collaborator by email.

If the collaborator doesn't have a Bonsai account, they'll be asked to create a free one. Since they're working with you on that specific project, they will not be required to pay for anything. 

Below is an example of what the collaborator will see when they sign up and view the project. You'll notice there's no mention of proposals, contracts, or invoicing. All the financial aspects of the projects are entirely restricted to you and the client. 

All of the collaborative aspects of the project, like chat, tasks, and time tracking, can be seen and shared between you and the collaborators, but the client won't see those.

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