How can I import data into Bonsai?

Upload .csv files to import Clients, Tracked Time, Expenses and Paid Invoices!

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There are currently 4 types of data that can be uploaded into Bonsai:

  • Clients

  • Paid Invoices

  • Time Tracking Entries

  • Expenses

This feature is most helpful in two scenarios:

  1. You're moving to Bonsai from another system.

  2. You want to track expenses, but your bank doesn't connect with Bonsai.

In all cases, you'll be able to upload a .csv file for each category and see them appear in the relevant area of Bonsai!

When you choose the type of data to upload, you'll be shown a breakdown of the information required in order to upload your document (as well as optional fields).

You'll also see a clickable link to download a .csv template to help guide you through the upload process!


👉 Note: Formatting is everything with .csv uploads. We highly recommend checking the template against your raw data to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible!

Beyond that, you can use Bonsai to calculate your self-employment tax deductions or use our free self-employment tax calculator.

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