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Can I add custom/offline payment instructions to my invoices?
Can I add custom/offline payment instructions to my invoices?

How to add offline and other payment options in your invoices.

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Other/Custom Payment Instructions 💰

Adding "Other" payment instructions let you communicate custom payment instructions to your clients. Some popular use cases for this field are:

  • Wire transfer instructions

  • Mailed check instructions

  • Links/instructions for non-Bonsai payment platforms

However, since these payments would not be made through Bonsai's integrated payments processing, we cannot automatically track when a payment is complete.

So, you will need to mark your invoice as paid manually yourself when you receive payment to keep your accounting accurate in Bonsai.

To enable custom payment instructions, visit your Invoice Settings Page:

Once you've enabled it, you can enter the payment instruction you would like to make available to your client.

Then, once you've saved your invoice settings, it will be visible alongside any online payment options you have enabled on your invoice.

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