Note: Currently Recurring Auto-Payment invoices only support payment via credit / debit card on Stripe.

Bonsai offers 3 types of invoices:

  • One-Time: you manually create and send these to clients one by one. This is perfect is you're trying to receive a one time, flat rate payment from a client
  • Recurring: you fill out an invoice and create a schedule (e.g., send weekly starting tomorrow and stop in 10 weeks). Bonsai will automatically send these invoices to the client on those dates. On each invoice the client will need to manually select which how to pay it and then click 'Pay'. This is perfect if you're working on a long term project with consistent milestones.
  • Recurring Auto-Payment: these are similar to 'Recurring' invoices, in that you fill out an invoice, create a schedule, and Bonsai will automatically send the invoices to your client. However, with 'Recurring Auto-Payment', your client will have the option to save their payment info and have it automatically debited every time a payment is due. 

To create an invoice with Recurring Auto-Payment, first ensure that you have Stripe added as a payment method and the credit/debit card option selected in your Payments Settings:

Once that's done, create a new invoice and select 'Recurring Auto-Payment' from the type dropdown. Then choose how often you'd like the invoices to be created and when you'd like them to stop:

Once you create the invoice, you can confirm that it has Recurring Auto-Payment by clicking the banner at the top of the invoice:

Fill out the invoice line items. Be aware that once the client enters their payment info and begins auto-payment, any change you make to the invoice items and total amount will require the client to confirm their auto-payment again.

When you send the invoice to the client, they will be required to create a free Bonsai account to use Recurring Auto-Payment. Because their credit card details will be stored and re-used, this is necessary to ensure the security of their payments.

Once the client creates an account, they will see a box to input their credit card details and a description of how Recurring Auto-Payment will work for that particular invoice:

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