What is Bonsai whitelabeling?

by Matt Brown

Important note: whitelabeling is only available on Premium Plans ($29/m), not on Plus Plans ($19/m). You can learn more in your subscription page: https://app.hellobonsai.com/settings/subscription

If you are on a Premium plan, you need to manually update your white labeling settings here (https://app.hellobonsai.com/settings/company) after you upgrade for white labeling to take effect.

What is whitelabeling?

Whitelabeling allows you to remove Bonsai's branding from emails that are sent to the client, as well as from web pages that the client sees.

Email Whitelabeling

We offer a few email branding updates when you have whitelabeling enabled:

- The FROM field in emails are updated to use your email address.  The 'via Bonsai' is also removed.  For example, instead of the emails to your client saying "Jane Smith via Bonsai <no-reply@hellobonsai.com>", it would be ''Jane Smith <janesmith@email.com>".   Note: because of spam email restrictions, we cannot use your whitelabeled email if it is a gmail, yahoo or aol email, meaning it would have to be "Jane Smith <no-reply@hellobonsai.com>".  More info here

- The logo can be removed or replaced with your own branding instead of Bonsai's default branding:

    - The footer will say your user or company name, instead of just Bonsai. These are the email footer details required by CAN-SPAM laws.

    Website Whitelabeling

    Along with email branding, our whitelabeling also changes the branding shown to your clients on the website.  Whether they're viewing one of your proposals or projects, they'll see your logo in the corner of the page.

    At the moment, no other parts of the email or interface can be changed, but we're always open to more ideas.  If you have any feature requests, please send it along to support@hellobonsai.com

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