How can I edit my work contracts?

by Matt Brown

Agreements can be edited before they're signed by both parties.  You can do this by clicking the highlighted text:

You can also edit most sections by hovering your cursor over the end of the section and clicking the pen icon that appears.  There are some limitations and not all sections can be edited like this, or can be edited completely.

You can also add an addendum paragraph to the end of the contract by clicking this 
button in the top left, before you've signed the contract:

If you've already signed the contract, but the other party hasn't yet, you can click the 'Unsign and Edit' button in the top left of the contract to make changes:

Due to limitations in our contracts, entire sections cannot be deleted or inserted.  However, we are changing this, and you will be able to do so in early 2017.

Once both parties sign the contract, neither will be able to edit it for any reason.

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